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Why Are Organic Baby Clothes Better For Babies?

As a parent, you want only the best for your bub. You want them to be comfortable, happy and healthy. This is why organic baby clothes are an easy first choice for many parents and carers. They are made from natural materials that are gentle on your baby's skin and they are also a win for the environment.


Here are the top 5 benefits to why organic baby clothes are better for your kids.

1. The difference between organic materials and non organic

Organic means it is produced naturally from seeds and is not treated with pesticides that are found in synthetic materials. Most non-organic fabrics have traces of harmful pesticides that are used throughout production. Babies have sensitive skin and so the presence of these can be harmful to them. Some of the most widely used pesticides include:

-Glyphosate, which likely causes carcinogens.

-Methyl parathion, has been said to be fatal if inhaled 

-Fluometuron, causes reproductive problems

-Acetamiprid and Chlorpyrifos are toxic for bees

2. Eco friendly and ethically sustainable 

Certified Organic fabric has a notably lower carbon footprint, using less fuel, water and energy to produce. Production entails beneficial farming practices like mechanical weeding and crop rotation. Material such as non-organic cotton, releases huge amounts of greenhouse gas into our atmosphere at about 220 million tonnes a year. Organic materials reduce the negative impact of the textile industry on the environment by not polluting nor damaging it during their production, use, or disposal.


3. Free from toxic chemicals

Organic clothing means your bub will not come into contact with any harmful chemicals that will upset the skin or cause a breakout. Some non-organic fabrics contain very harsh chemicals that as parents, we would not even go near..

-Roundup, which often remains in the fabric after the manufacturing stage . 

-Chlorine bleach is used to whiten the fabric and remove stains, which can cause asthma and respiratory problems.

-Formaldehyde is a chemical applied to fabric to help prevent wrinkles, reduce shrinkage, and as a carrier for dyes and ink. This is also full of nasties.

4. Longevity

Most organic fabrics are machine-washable using cold or lukewarm water, which in the long run means they will last much longer and can be handed down to the other kids or cousins. The price may be a little higher, but the investment is much more worth it compared to non-organic products.


5. Soft and cuddly for your babies skin

Organic clothing is a lot more soft, for example organic cotton has longer fibres that are handpicked which prevents fibres from breaking or fraying. As a result, products are plush and more durable than conventional cotton. Your baby can neither feel too hot nor sweat as the material aids in air circulation.

Here at Arlix and Hufie we are proud to offer a curation of ethically sustainable eco fashion garments for babies and children. We pride ourselves in ensuring the best is available for our little ones. Don't forget to check out our unisex collection and organic baby clothing too.

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