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Why is it worth investing in good pieces for your baby?

Whenever you are buying something, you typically consider product quality as part of the buying process. Each person weighs the value of quality against other factors differently. Using the term ‘quality’ should factor a range of inputs and outcomes, associated with that product. When it comes to quality it is always worth considering that the money you spend could offer far reaching benefits beyond the item itself, especially with baby clothes online. 

So when it comes to your children why should we be focusing on buying curated, quality items?

Here are some reasons why we believe you should invest in sustainable, quality clothing and accessories for little ones.


Positive Impact

When you buy clothing, consider factoring in how each piece impacts other people. Does the manufacturer provide fair wages to the people making the clothes? For those who don’t know, the fashion industry has been continuously drawing criticism for workers’ unfair treatment. These people often spend long hours with meagre pay and often in hostile environments. While retailers already invest in sustainable projects, they can’t continue doing so without support from consumers.
A Healthy Planet for the future

Aside from having a positive impact on people, you may want to double-check that your baby’s clothes do not contribute largely to the planet’s destruction. Look at the processes and choose wisely. Some clothes undergo procedures that use up tons of chemicals. Polyesters, for one, often take thousands of chemicals to produce.

Sadly, these materials are non-biodegradable and are not recyclable. What will happen if you dispose of the clothes? They end up in landfills where they stay there for hundreds of years. Incinerating them will equally be bad for the environment since the chemicals used to make them will only be released into the air.

A good option would be to buy clothes made with organic fabric, so you have an assurance that the environmental damage is minimal. Sustainable living starts from the choices that we make. When it comes to our baby’s clothes in Australia, going sustainable is a worthy investment.

Impact on children’s health

Investing in sustainable clothing can be easy on the pocket. The actual cost of organic clothing may be more expensive than regular clothes though. But if your child has sensitive skin, and some regular clothes that are made with tons of chemicals can cause allergies and skin irritations, then the value becomes higher and the cost is well worth it. Particularly if you factor in savings from doctor’s visits, creams, etc  that your child may have to go through because of these skin irritations.


Care Put into the Creation Process

Every piece of high-quality infant clothing goes through a careful creation process where the manufacturer respects all the right manufacturing and quality standards. You will see that in the garments. Consideration for the way a child moves (or crawls), the activity and room they need in their clothing is all taken into consideration. Mass scale production does not always produce this sort of craftsmanship.


While infants grow fast and we often won’t get many wears out of some items,  if not, the clothes become unusable after a few wears. If that happens, it is generally because the clothing is lacking in quality material and craftsmanship.

If you are buying high quality clothing you will be able to use them for a long time - until the infant outgrows them or you can hand them on when your child is done. And this helps reduce wastage and impact on the environment.

High quality children’s clothing provides the finest materials, a manufacturing process that respects standards, fit for purpose and lasts the distance. So when considering your next investment in children’s clothes, think about the price tag against the value.

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