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Everything A First Time Mumma Needs!

The list of things you need for a baby can be as little or as extensive as you want, some people operate on the bare minimum whilst others are a little extra.  If you are the minimalistic type then chances are you are looking for quality, timeless pieces to reuse over and over again, over many products that you may never even use. Here at Arlix + Hufie we are a curated marketplace for kids gear, ranging from clothes, playtime, nursery and some things for the Mummas too. We focus wholeheartedly on labels who march towards a hopeful future for the next generation and our planet. Continue to read as we dive into our top picks for first time Mumma needs 

Have you thought about capturing your pregnancy moments with pregnancy milestone cards? They are a  fun pack of milestone cards that will help you look back and laugh at all the not-so-fun times of pregnancy or the precious moments like first kicks.  These are the perfect gift to yourself or a friend when they announce their pregnancy. The pack includes 19 different cards that make a not so smooth pregnancy a lot more fun.

If you are on the go like most of us are these days then a changing mat that you can take anywhere is a must have! Henlee and Co produce vegan leather mats that will fold up easily and air dry quick after a wipe down. They are essential when you are living in the newborn bubble and accidents from the little ones happen on their time not yours.

In preparation for your newest arrival, baby milestone cards are a must to ensure you are ready to capture those moments even when you are sleep-deprived and if planning isn’t your forte, we have you covered. This is something you must have on hand before bub arrives. The Kiin Baby Wooden Milestone Discs are the perfect photo prop for documenting the monthly changes & growth of your new little one, for the first year of their life! Etched with each month starting from 1 month through to one year, plus 14 milestones, including my first smile, today I laughed and I learnt to crawl.

Most importantly dummies are a given, but not always needed. Some babies are glued to them while others happen to never even use one. If you happen to have a little one that needs a dummy to be soothed to sleep then you will need 20! Natural rubber soothers are great as they are the safest and most hygienic dummies on the market. Its round shape, large shield and soft natural rubber makes it the perfect dummy for your baby.

Not sure what to dress bub in for upcoming special occasions, a beautiful baby announcement or meeting the family for the first time? Perhaps a gorgeous jersey cotton swaddle? Jersey cotton has a beautiful soft stretch to it so your little one will doze off to sleep peacefully feeling safe and secure. The material is perfect all year round, so this one is something you will be reusing.

Whilst we could go on and on, we hope here are a few beautiful suggestions to have your staples organised in no time. While you keep your kids looking good and feeling great, feel beautiful about the positive impact you're having on the earth with each purchase too! 

Being a first-time Mumma is exciting and terrifying all in one. Everyone will give you their top tips of must-haves which saved their life, from what random items to pack in your hospital bag like your partner's boxers, to what to dress your little bundle of joy in when bringing them home.  I’m sure you'll also hear this many times in the years ahead “they grow so quickly”, any parent will tell you, blink and you wonder where the time has gone. If we are being completely honest, if you don’t want to take advice from past new Mummas then here's your sign not to and enjoy learning along the way.

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