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What Baby Accessories Do You Really Need?

 When it comes to baby accessories in Australia there are so many to choose from - which we love! But sometimes it’s hard to choose between what we actually need vs what we want and think is really cute, but hey… they are only a babe once, right?

Baby Accessories You Need!

Dummy Clip 

A personal favourite in our household has always been the dummy clip or dummy holder, there are a million names for it but you know the one… it attaches to the car seat or the pram belt so when they spit the dummy it is never far away, thrown on the floor or lost down the back of the seat into neverland let alone left in the park or who even knows where they disappear to anyways which is why you can never have too many. Hot tip: Attach your little one's favourite pram toys using a dummy clip in the car and the pram, must have an item, non negotiable.

These cotton dummy clips are a perfect baby shower gift that come in a full range of colours to perfectly match your pram or even one for each of your bubba’s special outfits.  Great gift idea for the pickiest of expectant mothers, a safe choice where you can’t go wrong.


We love to pair our clips with the Dummy Soother, these have been around for donkey's years and are the best!  It is one of the safest and most hygienic dummies on the market, it is BPA free and has a one piece design eliminating places where bacteria can hide.


Our little ones love the natural rubber fish teether. It has textured surfaces that will offer relief by stimulating the gums in preparation for the arrival of the teeth. It has an easy to hold grip, made with a one piece design eliminating places where bacteria can hide and is BPA free.


Bibs Bibs Bibs.. you can never have enough, especially when they move over to solid foods. Kiin produces silicone bibs that scoop at the bottom, meaning they will hold and capture all the fallout that does not reach the babes mouth. They are easy to wash and dry and reuse multiple times. They are easy to travel with as they can be rolled up and they are super soft and lightweight for the bub.

Here at Arlix + Hufie we pride ourselves on working with brands that are environmentally friendly and safe for your babies. If you want to see more of our baby range then head on over.

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