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The Power of Meditation

We cannot become the truly power being we are on the inside if we continue to remember who we were yesterday.

'Medi' means middle ... To meditate means to be in a state of being 'in the middle' ... we could say, balanced and centred. This is what most people are looking for when they want to learn to meditate.

Meditation takes us on a journey inwards where we can uncover and recover our true Self again. It enables us to come back to our 'centre', our original “place of being”, where we can refresh and restore our spiritual, mental, and emotional energies.

The benefits of meditating are many and include relaxing and calming the mind, nervous system, and physical energies, developing concentration, understanding the workings of the inner self, and managing our lives and relationships better.

I could go on all day about the great and profound benefits of mediation but here is my best 7.

  1. be free from thinking unwanted thoughts that drain energy
  2. develop inner strength and resilience
  3. understand why the world is like it is, and learn tools that will help you navigate your way through it whilst keeping your personal power 
  4. get to know and love yourself deeply and learn how to nurture relationships with those you love
  5. how to develop a relationship with the source of pure energy
  6. be able to maintain your equilibrium and protect yourself from negative energy
  7. learn healthy lifestyle options that support a meditation practice
Top 5 free guided meditations I recommend to get anyone started:
  • Sign up to The Brahma Kumaris 7-day online meditation course. True meditation practise is not limited to the time you spend sitting in meditation, but it extends out into a new way of seeing yourself and the world around. It is this new consciousness that ultimately supports you in your pursuit of greater peace, love, and happiness in your day to day life.  This course is where it all began for me really.  My journey thus far has been filled with transformation and fulfilment that I did not believe possible before I learnt to meditate.
  • Deepak Chopra’s 21 Days of Abundant Meditation. This meditation is a truly exceptional guidance on how to create infinite, unlimited abundance around you. Deepak is a spiritual legend and his insight is so finely tuned that you simply cannot go wrong with any of his meditations. However, my experience with this meditation course was mind-blowing. I experienced results within days and now continue what I learnt as part of my daily routine with surprising results.
  • "The Sanctuary Experience Meditation" commentated by Carmen Warrington, may help with anxiety in response to the current Covid-19 situation, focusing on breathing and relaxation. 
  • Melbourne based Carmen Warrington, will also take you to new places of love and understanding. Her meditation commentaries are profound, easy to follow and exquisitely sensitive, yet she gives powerful energy in her meditation audios such as “Moving On”, “The Power To Change” and “Forgiveness”. These are all available on Spotify – just search for Carmen Warrington. I love Carmen’s soft approach to meditation. I am a huge fan! She will always be my “go to” gal when I need to shake my tree and clear some branches. I owe my original transition from victim to victorious, to Carmen’s guided meditations.
  • Headspace is a guided meditation and mindfulness app. The app provides hundreds of guided meditations, which focus on several different topics with a new topic every day. The app also features sleep sounds; tutorial animations; a meditation progress tracker; and exercises that are designed for children. I particularly like this app because of its understanding of the benefit of children adapting meditation as part of their everyday journeys throughout their entire life. They will become much more well-rounded adults, with a stronger sense of their inner qualities. This app offers a mobile library of meditations for all occasions.

This blog was written by Pamela South, Founder of Balance of Life. She is a trained Reiki and Reflexology Practitioner and has been practicing meditation for over 20 years.

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