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Camping v Glamping

With International travel not looking like it will make a comeback in 2020 or potentially even well into 2021. We now focus on exploring our own backyard. And why the hell not, an abundance of beauty at every point of the compass, here in Australia where we are from (and no doubt similar for our international audiences). And plenty of towns needing our presence who have been hit deep with the horrible 2019-20 Summer fires, before COVID had even begun to make waves.

With the key theme emerging out of COVID, slow. We personally believe there is a fabulously awesome opportunity to reassess what some of our holidaying might look like. For the A+H team we previously have always been on the go. Whether it is flying here or driving there, to visit family and friends scattered everywhere. Or that overseas snowboarding trip (one half of A+H is slightly obsessed with snowboarding, but more of that another time). Or that perfect island escape to Fiji because where else is more luxurious when you have tiny people with you, right!

Planes and amazing overseas travel aside, we are very passionate and even more so post COVID, about throwing the tent in or firing up the retro Caravan, for an escape that gets us back to nature. And enables us to get stuck into the communities we travel to. Forget the hectic airport chaos for now, we are spending time connecting to the places and people we visit. We want to want the experience to be slow but immersive. Immersed in the richness around us.

We all have had that moment when we breathe in the fresh air, feel the sand between our toes, the mind clarity as we take a walk through the rainforest. The constant noise of general day to day life can seemingly slip away and mindfulness kicks in. Ahhhh daydreaming it right now.

Here we are going to discuss two types of nature done right trips. One for those of us who are all for getting a bit dirty and leaving behind some of the everyday luxury. And the other is for those of us that love the idea of escapism from the daily grind but still want a bit of luxury about it. Camping v Glamping.

Everyone knows what camping looks like right?  It is a rustic pastime involving tents, campfires, badly cooked food and, sometimes an absence of showers (definitely hot showers) and potentially the same clothes for a few days.

As is the case with so many things, this impression of camping is neither entirely true, nor false.

It is the reason why a lot of people would rather walk barefoot in a broken-glass desert than consider a camping holiday. But the other half of us relish the opportunity to get down to basics and have a bloody good time doing so.

What is the difference between camping and glamping? Glad you asked!

More than just name?

You would think that changing a couple of consonants at the start of a word can’t do much, and broadly that’s true. The ‘g’ and ‘l’ in glamping are derived from glamourous – so, glamourous camping.

Add glamour to camping and you make a new word, but not one that necessarily describes a new activity.  Centuries ago, European royals and Ottomon grandees were bedding down outside their palaces in, well, palatial style. And a fancy-camping African safari was quite the done thing in the 1920s for well-to-do Brits and Americans. Anyway, enough about the history.

Like camping, it is here to stay.

It is all about nature!

Let us look at what camping, and glamping have in common.

As this fast-paced, crazy world gets ever faster and crazier, it’s widely acknowledged that we humans – especially those of us in developed Western nations – are losing our connection to the natural world.

What we are gaining is anything but good: depression, anxiety, substance addictions, loneliness, destructive consumption, and spinal problems from sitting indoors, to name but a few.

Nature is the ultimate restorative, and conveniently, it is just outside!

For and against

All you need to do is determine what appeals to you.

Camping requires your own preparation of supplies to take, sleeping bags cooking apparatus, food, tent etc. You will possibly be bathing in creeks, rivers, and waterfalls and if the campsite does not provide toilets, then you are, um, observing wild protocol. You get to build your own campsite fire and toast marshmallows – hell yeh!  The cost is minimal, and the freedom of choice can be electrifying.

Glamping usually runs on a fixed itinerary with set booking dates and locations. Beds are supplied in tents already set up, with outdoor showers/toilets and gas heating. Food may be catered for or you can take your own supplies and cooking facilities will be included. Cost is medium to high range pending how glamourous you want to go.

Here are the A+H team's fav's across NSW and QLD (sorry for all those outside these states, we'd love to hear your best in your playground too!)

  • https://www.coledalebeach.com.au/coledale-beach-campsite/
  • https://www.treacherycamp.com.au
  • https://www.gloucesterholidaypark.com
  • https://www.macleayvalleycoastholidayparks.com.au/crescent-head/
  • https://www.holidayhaven.com.au/currarong/attractions
  • http://patongacamping.cchp.com.au/


  • https://www.agneswaterbeach.com.au
  • https://www.1770campingground.com.au
  • https://tincanbaytouristpark.com.au
  • https://www.noosaholidayparks.com.au/boreen-point
  • https://parks.des.qld.gov.au/parks/kgari-fraser/camping/waddy-point-top-tent 


  • https://paperbarkcamp.com.au/
  • https://taronga.org.au/sydney-zoo/accommodation/roar-and-snore
  • https://bubbletentaustralia.com/
  • https://www.hideawaycabaritabeach.com.au/


  • https://www.minjerribahcamping.com.au/location/2-adder-rock (has a glamping quarter)
  • https://nightfall.com.au/
  • https://sanctuarybysirromet.com/

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