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How does lockdown affect you?

All around the world, states, nations and whole countries have been through differing levels of lockdown - something that entire generations haven’t had any experience with to draw upon.

Lockdowns can affect people in varying ways. They can test our resilience, isolate our thoughts and even have us questioning our existence.

So how can we cope, when uncertainty is literally lurking around each corner, informational distrust is heightened by fear-mongering and policies being spun up on the fly.

The answer is simple, while things are moving at a rapid pace, we can turn inwards. Take it day by day, as pushing your thoughts too far into the future, is bound to unleash unwanted worry.

Spend time doing something you’ve never been able to dedicate much commitment to, experience your home in ways you might not have thought to before.

Do something in nature, it could be simple as breathe deep and practice a micro-meditation, in your kitchen or on the lounge room floor - just for 2mins.

If it’s rapidly changing day by day, focus on the hour in front of you. Build in a luxury, a schedule of self-care will provide some sense of looking after you. It doesn’t have to be spa-level, just a small act to give yourself some kindness.

Ask yourself, how can you help others? Does anyone you know need anything?

Slow down and lean into the situation, rather than resist it. If it’s out of your control, release the desire to control it.

When the foundation shifts, plant yourself in the solid ground of your home, your family and your connections with others. Enjoy the time we have and find new strength within yourself.

This blog was written by the wonderful and insightful Ajay Goodchild. 

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