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Removing your little picasso's artwork from the walls

The more we get acquainted the more you will know how much we are fans of creativity. We fully embrace it in our lives and our little people’s lives. However when one of our little picassos decides the walls of our home are their canvas, I’m afraid all embracing of creativity is out the flipping window faster than when I leave chocolate on our kitchen table. One year we were all together because it was Christmas. We happened to be at a non kid family members home. Recently impeccably renovated. Two of our kids (one from each family so we could be equally as modified instead of silently chuckling at the other's expense), took to the freshly painted shade of white with their artwork. Oh how pleased they were with themself….gahhhhh. The image of the homeowner out with his paint roller and these two little terrors watching him clean up the mess. Horrifying.

There are not many of us that won’t experience this one, no matter if you are raising an angel. After all it is experimentation, that beautiful thing in our lives. It just turns out this type of experimentation is a huge pain in our butt. So we got your back after much practice. It all comes down to the chosen form of artwork they decide is best.

    1. Pencil - This one is actually super easy. Try first of all a trusty eraser and if that doesn’t give you joy get onto baking soda with a wet cloth, WD40 with a clean cloth or ajax with damp cloth
    2. Pen - Hairspray my friends is a miracle here - even works on leather couches (trust me this is where my relationship with cleaning using hairspray began.)
    3. Crayon - We have heard and tried the mayo method for this one. Personally just left the wall with mayo greece over the crayon artwork...just when we thought it could not get worse. Again baking soda with a damp cloth did the trick.
    4. Permanent markers - Had to leave this to last as it was the weapon of choice at our family members house. Baking soda with an abrasive cloth can work wonders here also. If you don’t have any in the cupboard toothpaste left on the mark for 7-10min before rubbing off can also do the trick note note the gel type though.

So ladies, definitely stock up on your baking soda at the next supermarket run. Get armed and ready to launch when your artist takes to your walls as their next canvas.

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