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Dried Flower Arrangement DIY

Now, we all know dried flower arrangements are nothing new but they have recently formed a new popularity. As a child, do you remember your mum having a ‘dead’ bunch of flowers that sat on the table for years? Haha well thats how a child’s mind would see them. Now we see them as a gorgeous addition to a coffee table, entry way or even the bathroom.

It is our opinion that the dried flower arrangements has trumped a fresh bunch. And this is for several reasons. One of the biggest upsides is the money you save on repeat purchasing. Fresh flowers have an expiration date while a dried bunch will literally last you years.

We all know that creativity is good for the soul, and be honest... when was the last time you put some time aside for YOU to do something for YOU that YOU can enjoy and be proud of? We are certainly guilty of neglecting our inner creativity goddess! So here are a few simple steps so that you can try your hand at a DIY, fancy as dried flower arrangement!!

To begin with, there are two ways you can approach this. You can buy your own bunches of flowers and dry them your self which will take 3-4 weeks or you can visit a flower market either in person or online and buy already dried bunches. We love a shortcut at A+H so we suggest the latter. If you buy a range of flowers and grasses you should have enough variety to make two or three bouquets, really get those creative juices flowing!  If you are time poor or don’t have a market close by visit https://feather.com.au/collections/dry-flowers, they have a gorgeous range.

To start with you will need is some twine, scissors and a vase of your choice. You can get creative with the vase you choose. Try using an old fashioned jug or a straw bag which can be hung on the wall.

Here is a list of flowers and grasses that go perfectly when arranged together. Or if you run out of time they also look good in a vase on their own, not overly creative but still look darn good,

Pampass Grass                         Dry Palm Fan Frond

Cotton Wheat                            Craspedia

Eucalyptus                                 Reed Blady Flower 

Tallow Berry                               Bulrush Reed Flower 

Sculptural Twigs                         Lavender 

Twisted Willow Branches           Baby's Breathe 

Dry Wheat (you can buy coloured versions or die them yourself)

Here we go…

  1. Start with the tallest foliage first and spread them out evenly
  2. Then you want to choose the larger leaves and flowers to go in next, also spread them around evenly
  3. To finish off the arrangement add in all the small stuff, not just at the front but through the  middle and back as well. Don't be afraid to pull some out, shove some here, cut some there! It is your masterpiece so work your magic.
  4. Once it looks beautiful and you think it would pass the test with your local florist then wrap the twine just under the foliage, holding it all tightly together. You can then cut the stems so that they are even and will sit in your vase nicely.

To prolong the life of your gorgeous arrangement ensure you keep it out of direct sunlight, heat or forced air and regularly dust it.

If anything it should be a bit of fun exploring and testing your creativity. Enjoy!

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