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The 2022 Party Bag Dilemma

As we have started 2022, a lot of perspectives have changed. One thing I noticed since COVID, we attended a lot less parties. 

If you have kids old enough to attend parties, you know how the party bag is a critical checkpoint for any small party-goer. Let’s address the elephant in the room, what’s exactly in, the party bag? 

Typically it’s 2 minute toys and lollies that might prove challenging 20mins after ingestion. A weeks worth of sugar allocation and the preceding behaviour, provides a post-party nightmare for the household, no doubt. As we are experiencing a shift - perhaps we could shift our perception to uncover the candy monster and conduct a review of our party bag contents.

We now, more than ever, have better quality information about good and bad choices for our kids (cue an 8 year old me claiming Pop Tarts were an acceptable breakfast food due to the fact that they contained fruit, in the form of strawberry icing) when it comes to food, so why not try extending that to our beloved party bags.

I’m not saying be a party-pooper, excuse the pun, you can still add a few cray things to get on brand, but what about a few less mood altering goods and something practical for future use.

This year, with the advent of less attendees, I decided to funnel that saved cash into some themed party bags for Master 7’s Movie birthday - there is popcorn to make later, some small games with a little more lifespan than perhaps Christmas cracker novelty acts and still some food kids might find fun. The buckets were from the party shop being sold as ice buckets, but I say- don’t let society dictate how things should be used - be creative and use your change in perspective to peer into the typically untouched world of the party bag :) Ice bucket movie-themed party bags anyone?
This blog was written by Ajay Goodchild, mother of two beautiful kids.

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